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Alert: Water Pressure Issues Continue in Trenton, Ewing, Hamilton and Southern Lawrence

Water-Faucet-jpg-1Residents of Trenton, parts of Ewing, parts of Hamilton and Southern Lawrence woke up  this morning to find that their water pressure was low.

The Trenton Water Works repaired a faulty pump this afternoon, but residents and businesses are still experiencing water problems due to a pipe break, officials said. It is unclear when the pipe will be repaired.It could be several hours.

Planet Trenton will update this post when we have more information.

Written by
Krystal Knapp

Krystal has been a journalist in the Trenton area since 1999. A graduate of Smith College and Princeton Theological Seminary, she is from Detroit. She likes baseball, cats, jazz, ukulele, typewriters, chai, and good coffee. Follow her @planettrenton.

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Written by Krystal Knapp