Unknown Pleasures: The Times They Are A-Changin’
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Unknown Pleasures: The Times They Are A-Changin’

  My friend, the professional photographer and artist Andrew Wilkinson, sprays industrial strength insecticide on my boots, then coats his own, to ward off the fleas inside the ravaged former Trenton Times building on Perry Street. We enter the two-story building with miner’s lights on our foreheads and ascend through it until we climb onto…

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Farm-to-Grill Fundraiser Benefits Greenwood Avenue Farm Market

  To support the new Greenwood Avenue Farm Market, Lisa Sprague of Sophia Rose Designs in Pennington and Debbie Schaeffer of Mrs. G Inc. of Lawrence Township recently co-hosted a farm to grill to table workshop at Sprague’s home in Hopewell. The new Greenwood Avenue Farm Market in Trenton that opened on June 15th and…

Photo of the Day: Early Sunday Morning

Early Sunday Morning by William Yates.

Photo of the Day: The Statehouse Dome Shines

Photo by Dave Cardaciotto. For more of Dave’s work visit cardaphoto.com.

Photo of the Day: Gandhi Garden

Photo by Sarah Fuller

Photo of the Day: The Color of Hamilton Avenue

Photo by C. a. Shofed. To see more of Shofed’s work, visit his website.

Photo of the Day: Night Rain at South Clinton and Yard

Photo of the Day: Trenton Social

Photo of the Day: Lady Liberty

Photo of the Day: Stacy Park