CounterpARTs in Trenton’s Arts: Liz Sidler (Esid) and Dean Innocenzi (Ras)

Dean Innocenzi and Liz Sidler, the artists also known as Ras and Esid. When you first met, were you drawn to your partner due to the person’s art or was it something else?

Liz: When we first met, I was definitely drawn to his artistic abilities. But his personality is definitely what sealed the deal for me.

Dean: I was first drawn to Liz because I thought she was pretty, but her art ability definitely sparked my interest.

Did you meet at an art event?

Liz: Not exactly, we followed each other on Instagram for a long while. When I saw one of his pieces at Art All Night, I finally decided to send him a message. We met up about a week later and have been inseparable since.

Dean: Indirectly… She messaged me inquiring about a painting I had in Art All Night.

What was the most memorable art event in Greater Trenton area that you attended together?

Liz: I would have to say Book of RAS. This was Dean’s first solo show and was hosted at the Trenton Social. It was a wonderful night and we were surrounded by a ton of friends and family.

Dean: The most memorable moment was this past Art All Night. We were working on a painting together at the event outside, and Liz ended up getting a stomach ache and throwing up. It was also raining all night and we had to come back the next day to finish.

What is your opinion of your partner’s art?

Liz: I love his art! I think it’s incredible. He’s very talented with a spray can and definitely thinks, sometimes overly, through every aspect of every painting he does. He’s fantastic.

Dean: I love her art! She is amazing at drawing, but really works in a variety of mediums. Lately she has been into these crazy prints that are sick. She has picked up spray painting quickly, which is great because she can help me paint murals.

Does your art complement one another?

Liz: I’d like to think so. We both tend to lean towards doing more realistic work.

Dean: I’d say so. We have some our pieces up in the house and they definitely work well together.

Have you produced any collaborative art together?

Liz: We have collaborated on several projects. My favorite is “Wall for Drella”. This past fall, we did a series of three Andy Warhol portraits. The first image was a rendition of Basquiat’s “Dos Cabezas” which we painted together, the next image was a photo of Warhol Dean painted, and the last image was a rendition of a Warhol self-portrait (1967) that I painted. We had a blast with that project and are both thrilled with how it came out.

Dean: Yes, we painted a few walls together, most notably the Charlie Brown Halloween wall, and more recently “Wall for Drella”, which was a series of Andy Warhol portraits. We also painted together with Lank at art all day twice, and have posed for Mel Leipzig twice.

snoopy mural ras and esid
The couple’s collaborative Peanuts mural.

The couple's collaborative Warhol portraits mural.
The couple’s collaborative Warhol portraits mural,Wall for Drella .

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