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CounterpArts in Trenton’s Arts: Bruce Lindsay and Aylin Green

Bruce Lindsay and Aylin Green. Lindsay's studio, Integral Sculpture Works, is in Trenton. Green is the executive director of the West Windsor Arts Council.
Bruce Lindsay and Aylin Green. Lindsay’s studio, Integral Sculpture Works, is in Trenton. Green is the executive director of the West Windsor Arts Council. Both are members of the AbOminOg International Arts Collective.

1. When you first met were you drawn to your partner due to their art or was it something else?

We were drawn by a mutual love and appreciation of the arts and through the process of making cast metal sculpture.

2. Did you meet at an art event?

We met through our involvement in the sculpture community of Grounds For Sculpture and the Johnson Atelier.

3. What was the most memorable art event in Greater Trenton area that you attended together?

We both feel that the last AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective iron pour at Art All Night was one we will never forget. The crowd was incredible, we had a great crew, and our creativity was off the charts.

4. What is your opinion of your partner’s art?

Aylin: Bruce’s art is elegant and well-crafted. He sees possibility and beauty of form in objects that others pass by. His compositions are thoughtful and often reveal more through their manipulation. Not one to “push” his art out there, he is a quietly inspiring artist.

Bruce: In my opinion Aylin’s creativity consistently demonstrates a wonderful sensitivity to composition and manipulation of materials, developed in both mixed media and sculpture. Domestic crafts are referenced and subtly exalted, and transformed by her hand into not only iron and bronze, but also a reminder of the power of the feminine divine.

5. Does your art complement one another?

In 2015 we had the opportunity to exhibit our work together at the Project Rooms in Lambertville. We share an attention to detail and composition, process and material, and we both explore universal themes and subjects.

6. Have you produced any collaborative art together?

We have collaborated on two major public art proposals for the city of Trenton that we hope to realize when the time is right. One is a Trenton Art Puzzle that would bring together community members of all ages to paint wooden cut-outs of the outline of the city. The other is a light sculpture inspired by the form of Roebling wire rope suspension bridges to help illuminate the D&R Canal trail.

Written by
Marisa Benson

Marisa Benson curates and produces events, festivals and other creative placemaking projects throughout New Jersey: including Trenton, Camden and Orange.

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Written by Marisa Benson