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Trenton Health Team Executive Director Steps Down


Trenton Health Team director Ruth Perry has resigned after leading the alliance of the city’s major providers of healthcare services including Capital Health, St. Francis Medical Center, Henry J. Austin Health Center and the Trenton Health Department for the past four years.

Gregory Paulson, the deputy director, has taken over the leadership of the alliance on an acting basis while a nationwide search is launched for Perry’s replacement over the next few months.

“We recognize and are grateful for the many accomplishments the Trenton Health Team has achieved under Dr. Perry’s leadership,” said Trenton Health Team President James Brownlee, who is also director of the city of Trenton’s Department of Health and Human Services. “Our commitment to the vision and mission of the Trenton Health Team is unwavering.  The vision of the Trenton Health Team is to make Trenton the healthiest city in the state. Our mission is to transform healthcare for the city by forming a committed partnership with the community to expand access to high quality, coordinated healthcare.”

The mission of the Trenton Health Team is to develop an integrated healthcare delivery system to transform the city’s fragmented primary care system and restore health to the city. The announcement about Perry’s departure comes just days after the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded the Trenton Health Team a $300,000 grant to address childhood trauma issues in the city.

Perry said she was leaving because she achieved her personal goals and those of the team, and she will seek new opportunities to leverage her experiences and achievements more broadly.

“Over these last four years I have accomplished all of the goals that I set for myself as well as the goals that the executive leadership set for me. I grew the organization from one employee to 16 and secured over $12.3 million to support this growth,” Perry said.

Accomplishments cited include:

Growing the organization from one employee to 16 and securing more than $12.3 million to support this growth.

Providing greater coordination of the care for individuals who utilize hospital services for primary care.

Engaging the community through the development of the Community Advisory Board, completing an inclusive Community Health Needs Assessment and developing a Community Health Improvement Plan with five important priorities.

Bridging the public and private sectors with the city of Trenton’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Written by
Krystal Knapp

Krystal has been a journalist in the Trenton area since 1999. A graduate of Smith College and Princeton Theological Seminary, she is from Detroit. She likes baseball, cats, jazz, ukulele, typewriters, chai, and good coffee. Follow her @planettrenton.

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Written by Krystal Knapp