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Trenton Police Department Kicks Off Walk and Ride Program

Trenton PoliceThe Trenton Police Department kicked off its new walk and ride program yesterday, April 19.

The main goal of the program is to strengthen the relationship between residents and police officers, Police Director Ernest Parrey, Jr. said.  The program was created as a result of the community and police dialogue in February, after several months of discussions with city residents and members of the Trenton Citizens Police Advisory Council.

Parrey has ordered patrol officers to “walk and ride” as part of their daily routine. Officers will be exiting their vehicles walking around neighborhoods, interacting with the community. Officers will knock on doors, introduce themselves and talk to residents when possible.

“We want residents to see firsthand that we are available and present in Trenton’s neighborhoods,” Parrey said. “We will be tracking the number of times our officers are out interacting with the community and constantly assessing the program’s progress.”

“Walk and rides” will be an integral part of the patrol function and the number will vary depending on call for service activity levels, Parrey said.

“I want the citizens of Trenton to know their officers and I want my officers to know the citizens of Trenton so that their concerns are known and can be addressed,” he said. “The bridge between the community and the police can be built with interaction but it must be strengthened over time with trust.”

Written by
Krystal Knapp

Krystal has been a journalist in the Trenton area since 1999. A graduate of Smith College and Princeton Theological Seminary, she is from Detroit. She likes baseball, cats, jazz, ukulele, typewriters, chai, and good coffee. Follow her @planettrenton.

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Written by Krystal Knapp