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Weekend Artoscope – Predictions and Picks April 12-14

Eileen Hohmuth-Lemonick, Hair and Eye, Digital Print, On View at Ellarslie's exhibit, "From Dürer to Digital and 3-D: The Metamorphosis of the Printed Image"

Extracted from ancient seams of compressed carbon, the brilliant and indestructible diamond is the gemstone associated with April, the cruelest month. Meticulously cut and polished to enhance its inner fire, this precious gem’s value is both elevated by myth and tarnished by its brutal legacy of financing apartheid. It is not the rarest of jewels, but its purity, clarity and endurance have made it the symbol of poets, lovers and warriors for truth.The Hindu word for diamond is vajra, which is also the name of a powerful weapon wielded by Indira, the goddess of rain and thunder. As we head into this second weekend in April, with a waxing moon in Aires, notice the shifting skies and unstable atmosphere that indicate developing storms. But keep an open mind to the unlikely, but miraculous possibility that a bolt of lightening can hit the ground and create a landslide of diamonds from the stricken stone.

Friday April 12

Scrapped – Closing Reception and Earth Day Celebration: Curated by TerraCycle, “Scrapped” features artwork created from reclaimed materials made by local and international artists who are employees and friends of the company. This exhibit was designed to encourage viewers to question their day to day lifestyle and their impact on the planet. The exhibition includes works by Leon Rainbow, Ede Sinkovics, as well as TerraCycle employees. All featured artwork is made from reused materials including old toys, beach plastic, wine corks, and cigarette butts. A special guest installation, titled “Green Palace” will be featured in the Vault. Korean reclaimed graphic artist Heemin Moon collaborated with the International Textile Sourcing Group to create an immersive thought provoking experience. Broad Street Bank Gallery, 143 E. State St., Trenton, 4-7pm, BSBGallery.com, facebook.com/events

Opening Day Trenton Thunder: Trenton Thunder Vs. Portland Sea Dogs – Opening Day Specials and Give Aways all weekend. Arm and Hammer Stadium, 1 Thunder Way, Trenton, 7 pm, $11 children under 11, seniors; Adults $12-15, Additional Games April 13-14, 1p.m., milb.com/trenton, facebook.com/events

Saturday April 13

Canal Clean Up: Join The Trenton Cycling Revolution in welcoming warmer weather & celebrating Opening Day for Trails on the Delaware & Raritan Canal Tow Path!. Gloves, bags and some trash pickin’ tools provided. After breaking for lunch, head out for a ride around 2pm and survey/audit of the trail though Trenton to see where trouble spots are so we can improve it for all users! Trenton Battle Monument, Warren St., Canal Clean-up, 10 am-noon; Canal Path Ride and Survey, 2-4pm. facebook.com/events

Good Hair, Bad Hair: Anti-Blackness in the African Diaspora: Pelo Malo, Pelo Bueno” is a kick-off event of the Parade of the Diaspora. This initial panel discussion will lead into monthly, in-community programming through the summer months, culminating at the inaugural Parade of the African Diaspora and the Cultural Fest 2019. The panel discussion will initiate a conversation with community about the experience of anti-blackness throughout the diaspora. Our goal is to provide a space to host dialogue the encourages prioritizing wellness, mental health and ways to talk to the youth to combat anti-blackness. We will provide teen engagement, as well as storytelling and activities for young children.Trenton Free Public Library, 120 Academy St., Trenton, 11:30 am-3 pm, Free and Open to the Public, facebook.com/events

Exhibiting Artist Talks at Artworks: Artists from the BOLTS AND STITCHES, and DISTANCE AND HAPPINESS, DREAMS AND TIME discuss their works, processes, and thoughts. Bolts and Stitches: Peggy and Gene have been together for more than 30 years, having met while they were studying at the Atlanta College of Art. They keep separate studios in the home that they share with their two daughters. They often working simultaneously, listening to the sounds of each other’s process through the floorboards that separate them. Peggy’s work with cloth and stitch employs the sewing machine as both a construction tool and a drawing tool. Images of women are central in her narrative series dealing with themes of memory, current happenings, and portraiture. Gene’s sculpture is built upon narratives, some recounted and some imagined, for which the physical works become relics. Each artist pieces together complex works from a variety of new and repurposed materials. Each of the resulting works is constructed with a density of details that reward the viewer with more to experience the longer they spend with the work.
Distance and Happiness, Dreams and Time – Group Exhibition: Curated by Jeff Evans, and featuring works by Gary Giordano, Buket Savci and Elena Chestnykh this exhibition presents four artists working in two-dimensional pictorial art, and specifically figurative art that considers images of women. The use of the female form throughout art history, in all cultures, has carried with it a myriad of emotions and been used to represent countless stories in fact and fiction. This exhibition explores that most direct use of images of women; to gather and attract viewers, and represent that which the artist most wants his or her audience to see. The artists are at once local, national, and international citizens, some with direct ties to the Delaware Valley and the greater Trenton area. Artworks, 19 Everett Alley, Trenton, 12:30 -3pm, Free and Open to the Public, artworkstrenton.org facebook.com/events

Sunday April 14

From Dürer to Digital and 3-D: The Metamorphosis of the Printed Image – Closing Reception and Panel Discussion: Curator Judith Brodsky leads a panel discussion with Diane Burko, Judy Gelles, Eileen Hohmuth-Lemonick and Wendel White. The goal of this exhibition is to make visible the metamorphosis of the printed image. It is divided into three sections. The first section includes an example of the work of eight contemporary artists who are using the traditional modes of printmaking such as wood cut, lithography, and etching in creating their art. The second section consists of three photographers whose work demonstrates the various uses of photography. And the third section includes two individual artists and two collaborative pair of artists who are experimenting with new forms of the printed image such as holograms (lenticular imaging), video prints, installation, and 3-D printing. Ellarslie, The Trenton City Museum, Cadwalader Park, Trenton, 2 pm, Pay What You Wish, ellarslie.org

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Photo/Artist Credit: Eileen Hohmuth-Lemonick, Hair and Eye, Digital Print, On View at Ellarslie’s exhibit, “From Dürer to Digital and 3-D: The Metamorphosis of the Printed Image”

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Amy Brummer is an operations professional who has followed a non-linear career path in the visual and culinary arts for more than 25 years. A tenured Trenton tax-payer, concerned citizen and political observer whose personal and professional interactions span the course of four administrations, she is tapped into the city's cycle of fortune and failure. Ms. Brummer is the founder of the Berenson Fund for Photography at the Arts Council of Princeton and hosts an annual new citizen's swearing-in ceremony in Trenton's City Council Chambers. She currently serves as COO of PTPVentures, Inc, an interventional business consulting agency based in Trenton.

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