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Weekend Artoscope-Predictions and Picks for Feb. 1-3

The first weekend in February draws its power from an Initializing energy that thrives in an environment of flexibility and diplomacy. “Say that on an 8 degree morning on State St.”, one might think. But the challenge here is to find our collective warmth. Conditions are aligned to start this month of love by embracing our vulnerability, softening our stance and opening our hearts to a passionate flame that sustains us all.

Friday, February 1

First Friday Various Locations throughout Trenton; Exhibits are Free and Open to the Public

  • Common Threads 7 – Sanctuary: Sanctuary tells a story of American artists who were not born in America, but instead chose to become American citizens.  Common Threads 7 is a celebration of the rich tapestry of immigration and the American story. In conjunction with Artworks. Broad Street Bank Gallery, 143 E. State St., Trenton, 4-7pm, BSBGallery.com 
  • Artworks Galleries: Beyond Mark MakingStar Wheel Printers: Star Wheel printmakers use intuitive mark making to tell stories and share personal insights that relate aspects of the human condition. With intense investigation and manipulation of materials we create a range of imagery with diverse marks, color, and compositions. Whether connecting to the physical world or displaying the abstract, each artist exhibits unique and exciting uses for print media. People in Geometry: Trenton architect John Clarke captures the relationship between people and their unique geometric surrounds. The black and white images emphasize the relationship between the geometry of the setting and the people, looking to evoke a sense of mystery and emotion. Common Threads 7 – Sanctuary: Sanctuary tells a story of American artists who were not born in America, but instead chose to become American citizens.  Common Threads 7 is a celebration of the rich tapestry of immigration and the American story. In conjunction w/ BSB Gallery. Artworks, 19 Everett Alley, Trenton (609) 394-9436, 7-9pm, Free and Open to the Public, artworkstrenton.org 
  • First Friday: Base Camp Trenton, 247 E Front St, Trenton, (609) 392-0203, 5-7:30 pm, basecamptrenton.com
  • Love is Love: Artwork by Leon Rainbow, Vinita Mathur, Sophia Louisa, Brass Rábbit, Ricardo Basilio Coke Hosted By Hoping The New England Patriots go all the way Unc Elroy. Featuring Amazing Live Art From The Brilliant Leon Rainbow, A Very Special Live Performance By The Lovely Jessica MF Stanley, A Very Dope Wu-Tang Inspired DJ Set By The Champion DJ Flea Market (Kelvin Smith), Making It Happen Behind The Bar Is MondayNight OpenMic, Background Sounds From Trenton’s Drunkest DJ Jonathan Silva, Free Food Supplied by The Mill Hill Saloon. Mill Hill Saloon, 300 South Broad St., Trenton, (609) 815-1343, facebook.com
  • Nagiyd Ewell: Solo Exhibit. Champtionshpip Bar, 931 Chambers St., Trenton, facebook.com/events
  • “Lucretia McGuff-Silverman – A Most Colorful Winter ”: The artist is a Roosevelt, Nj native whose bright Impressionistic paintings to bring vibrant color to the winter months. Roebling Gallery, 71 Clark St., Trenton, roeblinggallery.org
  • LEADERS of PROGRESSION by Anthony Hunter II: Anthony Hunter II is a Ewing township native and creator of Anarc Designs. Inspired by Alphonse Mucha during the Art Nouveau Era. Anthony’s illustrative style strays away from the norm and is what he likes to call “Beautiful Chaos”. Each piece of art has a center focus and everything around it stims from it by creating an elaborative story. Trenton Social, 449 South Broad St, Trenton, (609) 987-7777, 7-9 pm, trentonsocial.com

Saturday February 2

Stand Up Men Opening Reception: Featuring the artwork of Autin Dean Wright, Kasso, and Habiyb Shu’Aib (beloved1), Stand Up Men” is a celebration of Trenton’s African-American male artists and their use of canvas, photography, and sculpture to convey the pathos of what it means to exist as a man within the realm of Trenton’s Black culture and beyond. Curator Habiyb Shu’Aib invites you to explore the world within Trenton which is largely ignored or subsumed by perceptions of rampant violence and urban decay. “Stand Up Men” inhabits the world of the quiet, deliberate Trenton arts movement forged in love, life, and courage. Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, 299 Parkside Ave, Trenton, 7-8:30 pm, Free and Open to the Public, ellarslie.org/stand-up-men/

Sunday, February 3

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Amy Brummer is an operations professional who has followed a non-linear career path in the visual and culinary arts for more than 25 years. A tenured Trenton tax-payer, concerned citizen and political observer whose personal and professional interactions span the course of four administrations, she is tapped into the city's cycle of fortune and failure. Ms. Brummer is the founder of the Berenson Fund for Photography at the Arts Council of Princeton and hosts an annual new citizen's swearing-in ceremony in Trenton's City Council Chambers. She currently serves as COO of PTPVentures, Inc, an interventional business consulting agency based in Trenton.

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