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Weekend Artoscope – Predictions and Picks March 1-3

Lucretia McGuff Silverman at Roebling Gallery First Friday March 1

In the Mayan calendar of sacred signs, this first weekend in March begins on the day of Imox, a Water spirit who is sometimes symbolized by the form of an alligator. It reminds us to bring ceremony and give thanks for the fundamental resource that lies at the foundation of our good health and potential for a flourishing economy. A solver of problems in dysfunctional families, Imox seeks to balance life and emotions, to promote healing and nurture the essence of life. Seems like a perfect candidate for a full time position at TWW or a run in the next City Council election.

Friday, March 1

First Friday – Various Locations throughout Trenton; Exhibits are Free and Open to the Public

Scrapped Exhibit: Curated by TerraCycle, “Scrapped” features artwork created from reclaimed materials made by local and international artists who are employees and friends of the company. This exhibit was designed to encourage viewers to question their day to day lifestyle and their impact on the planet. The exhibition includes works by Leon Rainbow, Ede Sinkovics, as well as TerraCycle employees. All featured artwork is made from reused materials including old toys, beach plastic, wine corks, and cigarette butts. A special guest installation, titled “Green Palace” will be featured in the Vault. Korean reclaimed graphic artist Heemin Moon collaborated with the International Textile Sourcing Group to create an immersive thought provoking experience. Broad Street Bank Gallery, 143 E. State St., Trenton, 4-7pm, BSBGallery.com First Friday: Base Camp Trenton, 247 E Front St, Trenton, (609) 392-0203, 5-7:30 pm, basecamptrenton.com
609 Worldwide: Artwork by Robert Lowe II and Andrew Wilkinson. Art From Local Legends: Robert Lowe II & Andrew Wilkinson, A Dope Live Set By Hometown Hero: Raymond Strife, An Amazing DJ Set By The Incredible: DJ Flea Market (Kelvin Smith), Hosted By The Man In The Streets And In Your Face: Unc Elroy, Drinks Being Slung By The Amazing: MondayNight OpenMic, Background Noise Provided By Trenton’s Drunkest DJ: Jonathan Silva, Delicious Free Vodka Rig Prepared By The Illustrious: The Mill Hill Saloon. Mill Hill Saloon, 300 South Broad St., Trenton, (609) 815-1343, facebook.com
Jasmine Farahut: Solo Exhibit. Championshpip Bar, 931 Chambers St., Trenton, facebook.com/events
“Lucretia McGuff-Silverman – A Most Colorful Winter ”: The artist is a Roosevelt, Nj native whose bright Impressionistic paintings to bring vibrant color to the winter months. Roebling Gallery, 71 Clark St., Trenton, roeblinggallery.org
Women’s History Exhibit by Raven: Art Exhibit for Women’s History Month March 1st located at the Trenton Social. From the artist: “No matter what barriers we may face, we still manage to push forward. We give birth, we give life, give permission & a reason to go on….. we are WOMEN”. Trenton Social, 449 South Broad St, Trenton, (609) 987-7777, 8 pm, facebook.com/events

Saturday, March 2

Jersey Crocs Rule! Opening Day: Explore the existence of crocodiles in New Jersey throughout their evolution. The wide diversity of crocodile species found in the Garden State’s fossil record is often a source of amazement to those who think of these creatures as surviving only in tropical and subtropical climates. The exhibition will feature taxidermy mounts and skeletons of crocodiles of prehistoric and living species. Visitors will be amazed by the six foot long cast of the skull of New Jersey native Deinosuchus, one of the world’s largest known crocodiles. Crocodylians have been on the Earth for over 200 million years. Much of their evolutionary history is documented in the fossils and rocks found in New Jersey. Crocodiles, alligators and gharials from the State Museum’s collections illustrate the modern form, while the exhibit also delves into the fossil history of crocs in New Jersey, beginning with preserved croc-like trackways dating back almost 200 million years. On view through September 8, 2019. New Jersey State Museum, 2015. W. State St., 9 an-4:45 pm, $7 adults, $6 seniors, $5 members and children under 12. state.nj.us/state/museum

Harlem Globetrotters Fan Powered World Tour!: Interact with Globetrotters stars more than ever before, both on and off the court. The Original Harlem Globetrotters are known for our amazing feats of basketball, humor, and acts of goodwill on and off the court. And we have always been about our fans, but this year, everything we do will bring fans closer to the action more than ever before with more than 20 occasions before, during and after our game where you have the opportunity to directly interact with Globetrotters stars. Cure Insurance Arena, 81 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, 2pm, $26-$112; harlemglobetrotters.com; cureinsurancearena.com

Sunday, March 3

Poetry Night: Open Mic Poetry Hosted by David Zuniga; Trenton Coffee and Records, 750 Cass St., Trenton, 6 pm, $5 donation appreciated, facebook.com/events

To add your events to our community calendar, visit  our calendar submission tab at planettrenton.org. Event listings are free and with our new calendar system, it only takes a minute or two to add events. You can also customize your listing with a photo!

Photo/Artist Credit: Lucretia McGuff Silverman at Roebling Gallery

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Amy Brummer is an operations professional who has followed a non-linear career path in the visual and culinary arts for more than 25 years. A tenured Trenton tax-payer, concerned citizen and political observer whose personal and professional interactions span the course of four administrations, she is tapped into the city's cycle of fortune and failure. Ms. Brummer is the founder of the Berenson Fund for Photography at the Arts Council of Princeton and hosts an annual new citizen's swearing-in ceremony in Trenton's City Council Chambers. She currently serves as COO of PTPVentures, Inc, an interventional business consulting agency based in Trenton.

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