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Weekend Artoscope – Predictions and Picks Sept 13-15

Photo/Artist Credit: "Net Fishing" by JP Clarke is on view at the NJ Photography Forum Retrospective on view at Ellarslie through November 10 with an Opening Reception Sept. 15.

A full moon on Friday the 13th brings a dramatic flair to this mid-September weekend, albeit tempered by its orbital distance. The lunar orb will be at its apogee, or furthest distance from the earth, as opposed to its perigee, which brings us the supermoons that loom large in the night sky. This micromoon may appear up to 30 percent smaller than usual, diminishing the luminosity that bathes our fields with light, allowing us to work late and keep pace with the demands of harvest season. But it is not the job of the moon to meet our obligations, and once a commitment is made, the work must be done regardless of whether we are satisfied with the current conditions. It is most certainly not an excuse to achieve less, ask for more, and risk a year of sustinance because we wanted more than the planets were willing to provide.

Friday September 13

Ink and Drink – Signage Making for Trenton’s Ciclovia/Open Streets Festival: For this rendition of Ink & Drink, the Print Studio at Artworks is hosting a FREE open studio session to create signage/wayfinding for the Ciclovia/Open Streets Festival on Sept. 22. For one day, Warren Street will become temporarily car-free for families to run, walk, skate, ride bikes, enjoy active events, and explore the city’s streets and history! Ciclovia is an opportunity to transform our streets into a public space for all of the community. This Ink & Drink is a fun & unique way for the community to create one-of-a-kind signage for the event. We will be providing a “cut-out” surface for you to decorate as you see fit. This open session will feature various stations to inspire you stocked with drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and other materials. Please feel free to bring your favorite supplies from home to make it that much more special. The Print Studio provides all materials. All you need is a bottle of your favorite bubbly or brew. This project is a partnership with the organizers of the Trenton Ciclovia/Open Streets Festival. Artworks, 19 Everett Alley, Trenton, Free, but Space is Limited and Registration Encouraged. Youth/Teen Session (alcohol-free) 4pm: facebook.com/events; Adult Session, 7pm: facebook.com/events

Saturday September 14

Artworks Gallery Openings, 19 Everett Alley, Trenton, 5-7 pm, Free and Open to the Public, artworkstrenton.org

PBS (1963-2000) Then and Now: This exhibition will focus on Paik, considered one of the most innovative artists of the 20th Century, and will detail how he came to create his neon and video Trenton masterwork, “PBS (1963-2000),” which recently underwent a full restoration after being unlit for more than a decade. In 1992, as part of the New Jersey Arts Inclusion Program, Paik was commissioned to create a piece for the New Jersey Network building on Front Street in Trenton. “PBS (1963-2000)” was finished in 1993, consisting of two 20-by-12-foot wall panels filled with neon and 54 19” televisions streaming video creating by Paik as well as live feeds of NJN programming. “PBS (1963-2000)” is emblematic of Paik’s broader interest in the power of broadcast technology to spread ideas widely and democratically. The piece also specifically references Trenton-area contributions to communications technology like the invention of color television at the nearby Sarnoff Center. Incorporating original drawings, plans, equipment and video content, “PBS (1963-2000), Then and Now” is a fitting multimedia homage to Paik’s dazzling artwork. The exhibit documents the creation of “PBS (1963-2000),” as well as its full restoration earlier this year, funded by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and overseen by Artworks.
Love of God – Group Exhibition: Love of GodGroup Exhibition takes on the spirit of the Love of God Retreat Program in Lawrenceville, NJ with its necessity for inclusive understandings about love and God. While Jesus was a central topic of discussion within the retreat program, there was no mandated opinion one was expected to have about him. Rather, the unifying aspect of this program was an affinity for music and the arts within the expression of community. Their community was intersectional, dealing with the differences of varied socio-economic statuses, sexual identities and divergent relationships with the organized Christian church amongst so many other forms of diversity. The artists featured in this volume range in sculpture (Jessica Browne-White), sound & writing (Jeffrey Cobbold), film (Devonte Roach) and drawing (Marina de Bernado Sanchis). Together they create multiple entry points for one to consider the character of love, God and the intersections of both in our ever changing world

Cadwalader Heights House and Garden Tour – 112 Years Young: The self-guided walking tour will include 10 beautiful homes in the historic Frederick Law Olmsted neighborhood and the Trenton City Museum housed in Ellarslie Mansion in the heart of Cadwalader Park. The theme of “Cadwalader Heights: 112 Years Young” was chosen to reflect a neighborhood of rich diversity and forward vision as it launches into its second century of existence. This year’s tour is dedicated in part to the youth of Trenton, the city’s future. There will be several youth groups actively participating in the tour and a portion of the proceeds will go to three of the many great youth groups in our city: the Trenton Circus Squad; the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity’s robotics program, and the YMCA of Trenton. Tour Begins at Ellarslie, the City Museum of Trenton, Cadwalader Park, Trenton, 12-5pm, $20, cadwaladerheights.com

Sunday September 15

NJ Photography Forum Retrospective Opening Reception: With nearly 100 works by some 40 photographers, this wide-ranging retrospective will trace dramatic advances in photographic art in the last 25 years while displaying an array of techniques, from film and digital imagery to alternative processes including cyanotype, glass fusion, and hand coloring. NJPF artists will be on hand at the opening reception to talk with attendees about their work. The closing reception will feature a talk and walking tour given by exhibit curator and NJPF founding director Nancy Ori. Ellarslie, The City Museum of Trenton, Cadwalader Park, Trenton, Artists and Members, 12-2pm, Public, 2-4pm, ellarslie.org

To add your events to our community calendar, visit  our calendar submission tab at planettrenton.org. Event listings are free and with our new calendar system, it only takes a minute or two to add events. You can also customize your listing with a photo!

Photo/Artist Credit: “Net Fishing” by JP Clarke is on view at the NJ Photography Forum Retrospective on view at Ellarslie through November 10 with an Opening Reception Sept. 15.

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Amy Brummer is an operations professional who has followed a non-linear career path in the visual and culinary arts for more than 25 years. A tenured Trenton tax-payer, concerned citizen and political observer whose personal and professional interactions span the course of four administrations, she is tapped into the city's cycle of fortune and failure. Ms. Brummer is the founder of the Berenson Fund for Photography at the Arts Council of Princeton and hosts an annual new citizen's swearing-in ceremony in Trenton's City Council Chambers. She currently serves as COO of PTPVentures, Inc, an interventional business consulting agency based in Trenton.

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