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Weekend Artoscope – Trenton Film Festival Edition: Predictions and Picks March 28-31

Still from "Diary of Rooftop Water Towers" dir. Nobuyuki Asai, US at Trenton Film Festival

This fifth and final weekend in March finds us with a waning moon in Aires and a temperate thaw in both the weather and the icy grip of diminishing Transitional Aid/PILOT from the State of NJ. As we awaken from this dormant season, the changing patterns of light and dark/warm and cool that stir us from winter stagnation, also strengthen our hardiness. I imagine it’s something like ducking into and out of an indie movie festival on a warm, yet cloudy Spring weekend, not quite knowing what to expect when the lights go down in the middle of the day.

Long form documentaries and creative shorts are among the dozens of entries in the 2019 Trenton Film Festival. Subject matter ranges from personal narratives set in locales as close as Philadelphia and remote as the mountains of Iran. In addition to submissions from film makers from around the US, the festival includes entries from Nepal, Iran, France, Canada, Italy, Japan and Poland.

Highlights Include:

Thu. March 28, 6 pm

Opening Night: Jazz band Swedish Wood Patrol in the lobby before the screenings and a post-screening Q&A with filmmakers for the lobby films. Films: Cheat-Proof (dir. Meredith Snow, US, narrative, 19min) A man and woman try to stave off an affair by confessing their deepest, darkest secrets.(Musicians in Attendance) Sugar Cube (dir. Luke Jacobson, US, narrative, 1hr 30min) A drama-comedy about coffee, cocktails and rejection. James, the local barista, is sure his feelings will be rejected by his best friend Sarah.

All Days, 3/28-31: Ongoing in the Lobby (Thu., March 28, Filmmaker in Attendance)

Diary of Rooftop Water Towers: (dir. Nobuyuki Asai, US, experimental, 1hr 43min) A cinematic poem depicting the changing phases of New York water towers as they evolve through the seasons, their mutability comparable to that of daily human lives.

Fri., March 29, 6 pm; Sat. March 30, 5:15 pm (Filmmaker in Attendance)

The Truth About Marriage: (dir. Roger Nygard, US, documentary, 1hr 29min) This documentary by filmmaker Roger Nygard (“Trekkies”) follows three not-so-ordinary couples to see how things turned out several years after the honeymoon. The film presents challenging ideas about relationships, as it answers the question: Why is marriage so hard for people?

Sunday, March 31, 1pm (Filmmaker and Cast in Attendance)

Thank You for Supporting: 80 Years of Mingus Magic: (dir. Ryan Adamowicz, US, documentary, 45.5min) The enchanting story behind a magic shop in Reading, Pennsylvania that has been in operation for eight decades: the history, the culture and the community that has kept the magic alive.

Sun., Mar. 31, 6:30 pm

Closing Reception & Awards Ceremony, Free and open to the Public.

Screenings take place Thursday, March 28 6 pm, 8:15 pm/ Friday 6:15pm, 8:30 pm/ Saturday 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5:15pm, 7:15 pm/ Sunday | 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm

General admission: $8 per event • Students with ID: $5 per event.  See blue links below for specific dates and times.All 12 screenings March 28-31General admission: $25 • Students with ID: $15 Mill Hill Playhouse, 205 E. Front St., Trenton. For more information and to see the full schedule: trentonfilmsociety.org/trenton-film-festival

To add your events to our community calendar, visit  our calendar submission tab at planettrenton.org. Event listings are free and with our new calendar system, it only takes a minute or two to add events. You can also customize your listing with a photo!

Photo/Artist Credit: Still from “Diary of Rooftop Water Towers by Director Nobuyuki Asai, US; Screening at Trenton Film Festival

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Amy Brummer is an operations professional who has followed a non-linear career path in the visual and culinary arts for more than 25 years. A tenured Trenton tax-payer, concerned citizen and political observer whose personal and professional interactions span the course of four administrations, she is tapped into the city's cycle of fortune and failure. Ms. Brummer is the founder of the Berenson Fund for Photography at the Arts Council of Princeton and hosts an annual new citizen's swearing-in ceremony in Trenton's City Council Chambers. She currently serves as COO of PTPVentures, Inc, an interventional business consulting agency based in Trenton.

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