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CounterpARTs in Trenton’s Arts: Lori Johansson and Wills Kins

Wills Kins and Lori Johansson.
Artists Wills Kins and Lori Johansson. Kins is a cycling aficionado who turns bikes into art and teaches teens how to repair bikes at the Trenton Bike Exchange. He works at Z Signs. Johansson is the bass player for Molly Rhythm and is the manager of the Greenwood Avenue Farmers Market. She hosts Arts Chill Night at the Championship Bar.
Q&A with Wills Kins and Lori Johansson


When you first met were you drawn to your partner due to their art or was it something else?

Performing music was what initially drew us to each other.

Did you meet at an art event?

We first met at Leon Rainbow’s art opening at Gallery 219 and then at a Molly Rhythm show at the Mill Hill Basement.

What was the most memorable art event in Greater Trenton area that you attended together?

The Jersey Fresh Jam at Terracycle

What is your opinion of your partner’s art?

Wills: It is inspiring because it covers multiple genres and mediums and it’s interesting to see how somehow applies their style to new challenges.

Lori: I am constantly intrigued by how his work transforms its environment.

Does your art complement one another?

During the artistic process, we find ways to engage each other’s work.

Have you produced any collaborative art together?

We created two separate pieces for Windows of Soul on Walnut Avenue that were integrated into a site-specific work.

You can find Lori and Wills at Art Chill Night at the Championship Bar from 8 p.m. to midnight Mondays. The Championship Bar is located at 931 Chambers Street.

For the next two weeks, our series “CounterpARTs in Trenton’s Arts” will feature short profiles of Trenton artist couples in honor of Valentine’s Day.

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Written by Marisa Benson